Step 1: Technical SEO Review and Recommendations and Fixes

+ 30+ points' technical SEO check-up of your website with recommendations and actual fixes, including: 
    - checking the URL structure of your website
    - checking for errors in HTML code
    - improvement of the page speed of the whole website so that you could provide information to your prospects faster than your competitors do
    - checking your website for 404 errors, server errors and 301/302 redirects

+ We will help you set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools.

Step 2: Custom on-page SEO

+ We perform a complete checkup of your most important on-site SEO elements, including: page titles, page meta descriptions, h tags, etc. and provide recommendations on improvement for better ranking using the up-to-date Google requirements and the most recent findings in customer psychology.

+ If you'd like, we will log in and make updates to your site and/or blog.

+ Detailed review of the keywords your website is currently ranking for. We review this list and identify the best opportunities for your niche.

Step 3: Content creation

+ We review your business model as well as your industry/niche and create a custom content map for your website/blog.

+ We review the keywords of your Top 5 competitors using our unique methods to get you insights and leave no stone unturned.

+ We provide 30+ custom content ideas for your future blog posts, tailored specifically for your company and target audience.

+ If requested, we will provide you and your team with recommendations on when and how often you need to blog and how to write a blog for SEO.

+ But what's actually more important - we will go ahead and create up to 10 well-researched articles to kick-start organic traffic on your website.

Step 4. Custom off-page SEO and Link Building

+ Detailed analysis of backlinks of your top 5 competitors with insights and guidance on how you can mimic their strategy.

+ We will attempt to build links to your website using the following methods:
    - turning unlinked mentions from your partners/industry websites into links pointing to your website
    - identifying related websites and attempting to contact them to secure links.

+ We will brain-storm together with you the best ways to create link aquisition campaigns specifically tailored for your company.

Two Ways To Get Your Website SEO Fixed

$499 per month

6 convenient monthly payments of $499

$2,699 for 6 months

1 lump-sum payment of $2,699. (Includes 10% discount.)
* You can schedule a 1-hour professional consultation prior to picking any of the options. The cost of the consultation will be put towards the package that you finally decide to choose.