Get more targeted visitors to your website.

Step 1: Technical SEO Review and Fixes

+ 30+ points' technical SEO check-up of your website with recommendations and actual SEO fixes, including:
    - checking the URL structure of your website
    - checking for errors in HTML code
    - improvement of the page speed of the whole website so that you could provide information to your prospects faster than your competitors do
    - checking your website for 404 errors, server errors and 301/302 redirects

+ We will set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools in case you don't have them set up yet.

+ Custom Python scripts for your website SEO project.

Step 2: On-page SEO Review and Fixes

+ Detailed review of the keywords your website is currently ranking for, based on your core list. We will identify the best opportunities for your niche.

+ Complete checkup and optimization of your most important on-site SEO elements, including page titles, page meta descriptions, h tags, etc. based on today’s Google requirements for better ranking.

+ We review the keywords of your Top 5 competitors using our unique methods to get you insights and leave no stone unturned.

Step 3: Content Production for Even More Traffic

+ We review your target personas and business model as well as your industry and niche and create a custom content roadmap for your website/blog.

+ We will look for and work with the experts in your niche to collaborate with you and create high-quality content corresponding with Google's E-A-T principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), according to Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. (The content authors charge for article writing separately.) 

Step 4. Custom off-page SEO and Link Building

+ Detailed analysis of backlinks of your top 5 competitors with insights and guidance on how you can mimic their link-acquisition strategy.