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What the SEO Clinic comes with:

Step 1: Technical SEO Review and Recommendations/Fixes

We are doing this for you:
- 30+ points technical SEO check up of your website with recommendations and actual fixes
The outcome for you:
Technical SEO is the foundation of a well-optimized website. You will get a detailed report on how good the technical component of the SEO of your website is. We will provide you with recommendations on what has to be fixed in order for your website to start ranking higher in search results. Some of the things we check are page speed, errors in page code, and much more. You can pass this report to your web developer or we could make the fixes for you.

Step 2: Custom on-page SEO

We are doing this for you:
- We perform a complete checkup of your on-site SEO, including page titles, page meta descriptions, h tags, alt tags, url structure, etc. and provide recommendations on improvement for better ranking.
- We log in and make updates to your site and/or blog. 
- We set up Google Analytics, and Google Search Console tools for you if needed.
The outcome for you:
You will get two reports. One report shows the detailed breakdown of your web pages and keywords your website is ranking for in Google Search results. The other report basically explains the first one in a human-friendly manner. You will receive exact recommendations on which keywords you should focus now, in order to get the most value out of your content. 

Step 3: Custom SEO for your website content

We are doing this for you:
- We review your business model as well as your industry/niche and create a custom content map for your website/blog.
- We review the keywords of your Top 5 competitors using our unique methods, to get you insights and leave no stone unturned.
- We provide 30+ custom content ideas for your future blog posts, tailored specifically for your company and target audience.
- We provide you and your team with recommendations on when and how often you need to blog and how to write a blog for SEO.
- We guide you on how to structure a blog’s title, H1/H2 tags, Alt tags, photos, links, etc…
The outcome for you:
You will get a list of content topics that will bring you more customers guaranteed. You will also get a report on your competitors' keywords and a custom content map for your website, which will help you get more ideas for future content.

Step 4. Custom off-page SEO and Link Building

We are doing this for you:
- Detailed analysis of backlinks of your top 5 competitors with insights and guidance on how you can mimic their strategy.
- List of free, quick, easy, and valuable links for your business, you can get today.
- 3 Google safe and very effective link building tactic you can start right away.
The outcome for you:
You will get 2 reports. One report will be the detailed breakdown of yours and your competitor’s backlinks, so you would be able to see what kinds of links they have and what links your website has. The other report will contain a list of link acquisition strategies that would work best for you particular company.
This package includes 24/7 email and phone support, including coaching calls for 3 months. Private coaching calls will accelerate your progress guaranteed!

Two Ways To Get Your Website SEO Fixed


3 convenient monthly payments of $1249.


1 payment of $3,498. (Includes 5% discount.)