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A Better Way to Produce and Market Your Content in 2019

Content marketing strategy should consist of several steps. Below are the steps that I think are essential for today’s quality content production and marketing. These exact steps are not “a must” for every business because no two businesses are the same, but this is more or less a universal approach that any business can use. […]
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How to Build the Marketing Team of Your Dream

Nowadays, you want to have the following members in your marketing team: 1 PPC Manager 1 SEO Manager 1 Link Builder 1 Social Media Manager 1 Affiliate Manager (in case you use affiliate marketing as a traffic/lead channel) 1 Web Designer 1 Content Manager 1 Full Stack Web Developer and 1 Director of Marketing to […]
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3 Fundamental Aspects of Any SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization might seem a complex subject to many business owners. It is not always clear what exactly SEO companies provide, and how SEO work corresponds to your company bottom line at the end of each month. At the end of the day, your SEO should boil down to the following three fundamental parts/principles. […]
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SEO in 2012

These days I am concerned about the following things: 1. What is the best strategy to promote 600+ websites? and 2. How to learn several foreign languages fast? What concerns SEO itself, there are funny things going on – everyone has started talking about branding and stuff… I thought about it a couple of months ago […]
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A 1-hour SEO Crash Course

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak with Eric Kinniburgh, who is the owner of Flats Organic Pizzeria, located in Boston, MA. Eric wants to learn more about SEO, so I faced a challenge to present the best techniques that actually work to a person who knows very little about SEO. We talked for about […]
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Internet Marketing Services

Internet and internet marketing services are considered to be one of the best sources to make income. Website designing and marketing have yielded lots of profit for many webmasters. The Internet has given opportunity overnight to individuals to proves their intelligence and earn their best all around the globe. The Internet has simplified communication gap, earning […]
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