How to Build the Marketing Team of Your Dream

Nowadays, you want to have the following members in your marketing team:

  • 1 PPC Manager
  • 1 SEO Manager
  • 1 Link Builder
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Affiliate Manager (in case you use affiliate marketing as a traffic/lead channel)
  • 1 Web Designer
  • 1 Content Manager
  • 1 Full Stack Web Developer
  • and 1 Director of Marketing to rule them all!

Here is what the responsibilities of each of these team members would involve:

PPC Manager

Manages your paid search campaigns on paid media. Collaborates with Web Designer and UX/QA to build landing pages. Manages retargeting.

SEO Manager

Makes sure Technical SEO is in place and the site is 100% optimized. Makes sure on-site SEO is in place. Manages link acquisition campaigns. Tracks recent changes and updates in SEO. Extensively collaborates with link builder and content manager. Also exchanges ideas with PPC Manager.

Link Builder

Uses the multitude of ways to acquire backlinks. Performs link submissions and link outreach. Extensively collaborates with a content manager as lots of link building methods are based on existing content. Exchanges ideas with Social Media Manager. Reports to SEO Manager. Contributes to “1000 fans” database.

Social Media Manager

Manages the following company social accounts:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus
  • Reddit

In charge of building “1000 fans” database.

Collaborates with Content Manager and PPC Manager in creating and amplification of paid search campaigns.

Affiliate Manager

Manages your database of affiliates and relations with them. Collaborates with Social Media Manager. Responsible for traffic and lead generation through affiliate marketing channel.

Web Designer

Responsible for the look of the website and/or mobile app. Also, collaborates with the content manager, social media manager, PPC manager and link builder in the creation of content and link-worthy content (infographics, brochures, etc).

Content Manager

Responsible for content production and populating the website with content. Also, collaborates with your link builder and your web designer.

Full Stack Web Developer

Responsible for both frontend and backend. Closely collaborates with your web designer in creating the look of the website. Responsible for creation and administration of website backend, database, etc.

The following two roles are not necessary for a small company, and can be outsourced:

  • UX Specialist
  • QA Tester

What does your ideal marketing department look like? Please, share it in the comments!


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