3 Fundamental Aspects of Any SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization might seem a complex subject to many business owners. It is not always clear what exactly SEO companies provide, and how SEO work corresponds to your company bottom line at the end of each month.

At the end of the day, your SEO should boil down to the following three fundamental parts/principles.

Technical SEO – Your site should be technically flawless, crawlable, indexable. Lightning fast. Mobile-friendly.
Content – The more you post – the better. The more unique, useful, entertaining your posts are – the better. Your content should be original and more engaging than your competitors’. Content is the food for Google.
Backlinks – Ideally, your content is so good, those other websites can’t resist linking to you naturally. In reality, SEO work is about link placement, i.e. finding other web pages on the Internet that can link back to you. Backlinks are votes from other sites on the web towards your website. The more votes you have and the better their authority is – the better it is for your website.
Each of these principles by themselves can be expanded into separate lengthy blog posts.

Whenever you hire an SEO agency, make sure they work on these three fundamental pillars. Your site should have 0 errors, an increasing number of good, high-quality content, and an increasing amount of good backlinks. Everything else is less important.

What’s even more important: when you hire an SEO consultant, make sure you have a way to connect and match their work and reports they provide to your company revenue.

P.S. I intentionally left out other things like RankBrain, user metrics, user engagement, social signals, keywords, etc. These three pillars that I focus on in this article are more important and are the core principles.


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