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This Secret Content Marketing Method Generates Hundreds of Targeted Visitors…

When you run out of content ideas you can use the method that I developed several years ago.

I was doing Search Engine Optimization for one of my clients. My client was a dentist in Santa Clarita, CA. We built them a website, optimized it, and then it came time for content production.

Content production has always been a part of my SEO services. What I normally did was researching the topics and keywords, and then ordering articles from ghost writers. That time I decided to go a different route.

Let’s step away for a second, and think about one simple idea, that is the key for the method I’m going to share with you. I would like you to think about your interests, hobbies, and groups of interest you associate yourself with. Do you have a dog, or maybe a cat? Do you play golf or root for a particular football team? Maybe you prepare for and run marathons every year?

My point is we all belong to various social groups. More often than not, we belong to several different ones.

Back to the story. I wanted to create unique, original content for my client, that would stand out from the vast sea of average quality articles that fill the Web. So I decided to connect the dots.

I did some research and figured out that there is a huge group of people in Santa Clarita who like running. They like running and my client is a dentist, so what is the connection you might ask? Turns out, some people search Google for a toothache connected with running. There are not many, but this is a sure shot.

Imagine yourself being a running enthusiast living in Santa Clarita. You are right in the middle of your morning running routine, and suddenly you experience an acute toothache. You return home, go to Google to research the source of the toothache, and you come across an article from your local dentist, describing exactly the problem that you have. Wouldn’t you like to schedule an appointment with them right away?

Long story short, we produced that article and put it on the most known local news website. That helped my client to get additional targeted attention from their local community and strengthen their position as an expert on that topic. It also got them loyal fans from Santa Clarita.

What lesson can you learn from this story, and more importantly, how can you apply this approach to your business?

Your target customers belong to different groups of interests (here is a huge list of 512 interest areas and here is another big list of 308 hobbies that you can use). If you overlap these groups with the type of business you are in you will suddenly realize there is literally an unlimited amount of content ideas that resonate with your target audience.

Use this method as your secret marketing weapon. Be creative with it and it will give you the competitive advantage you need to get more clients and revenue.

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Thank you.

Slava Rybalka


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