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30-Day Blog Post Challenge – Day 4: The Modern Marketer

What is the modern marketer? What does this mean? The Modern Marketer should be reading a lot. The reason is the world around us is developing so fast right now. In order to keep up to speed and to remain competitive in your niche, you need to read books. There are so many interesting books on marketing […]
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30-Day Blog Post Challenge – Day 2: Focusing on Your Customer

This is the continuation of the 30-day blogging challenge. (You can read part one describing the rules here) Today, we gonna be talking about your customer,  customer experience, and how to earn the trust of your customer. Focusing on your customer should be the top priority for any business. When I started Athena SEO my […]
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Is There Any Tips to Boost Google Local SEO?

I have never specialized in Google Local results, however, there are some tips and ideas I could share with local business owners who would like to get more clients from their local area of service. The main idea is that you want to generate as many signals showing that your website and business belong to […]
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Does SEO Provide Leads for Business?

When SEO is done right to your website it starts generating a constant flow of organic visitors to your website. Depending on the keywords that bring these visitors to your site they are at different stages of awareness of your product and at different stages of readiness to buy from you. It is true that […]
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Are WordPress Websites Good for Search Engine Optimization?

WordPress websites are very good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and here is why. First of all WordPress content management system for websites is very well-known and widely used. Therefore, it has lots of support from the IT community and it’s updated regularly. Next, it has 2 most common, all-encompassing plugins for SEO: Yoast SEO […]
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A Better Way to Produce and Market Your Content in 2019

Content marketing strategy should consist of several steps. Below are the steps that I think are essential for today’s quality content production and marketing. These exact steps are not “a must” for every business because no two businesses are the same, but this is more or less a universal approach that any business can use. […]
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