Is There Any Tips to Boost Google Local SEO?

I have never specialized in Google Local results, however, there are some tips and ideas I could share with local business owners who would like to get more clients from their local area of service.

The main idea is that you want to generate as many signals showing that your website and business belong to a particular area as possible.

  1. Get links from local websites.
  1. Apply for membership in your local Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Sponsor local organizations.
  1. Mention nearby places and areas of service on your website.
  1. Get in touch with local bloggers/influencers and network with them.
  1. Participate in local events.
  1. Find out if there is your city web directory and see if you could add your website to it.
  1. Create a comprehensive local guide.
  1. Get a local phone number and list it on your website.
  1. Take pictures of locations in your area that might be related to your business and put them on your website.


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